Saturday, November 29, 2014

Eco Dyeing with Chestnut shells

This past Thanksgiving I had put some

chestnuts in the oven in my Corning

ware pie dish - with a little water.

When the timer went off; I removed 

the dish and discovered that the water

was brownish. oooh

I wondered if I could dye some fabric

with the shells...?

I searched google to see if anyone

had tried using the shells and to see

what they used and if they had good

results. - I couldn't find anything.

So... I put the shells in my stainless

steel pot and warmed the water (not boil-

Also, I used my tap water)

for about 1 hour and I started to see 

some color. 

Impatient that I am; I put a small piece

of fabric (already soaked in alum) in the

pot with the shells. 

I left it in the pot overnight.

Towards the afternoon


I removed the fabric - nice color!

I rinsed it off (not washed yet) 

and this is what it looks like.

 It looks like a deep tan or a 

light brown. So far I think it was

a success. I'll wait a couple of days

before I wash it to see how colorfast

it is. 

I find that I'm getting addicted to


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